" Elmer Fudd " Red & Black Plaid Hunting Hat / Lumberjack Hat / Trapper Hunter / Trooper Hat
Oooohhh....I Hate You  Wascally Wabbits! - signed E. Fudd

Wilderness Woolies Exclusive Ear Hear Mesh Hole Under Ear Flap Elmer Fudd  Hunting / Lumberjack Hat from Wilderness Woolies online 40% of your body heat escapes from the top of your head, put a cap on it and stay warm! Very classic and fashionable looks for those Fall and Winter months!
Time tested wool blend red and black buffalo plaid comes in two styles that will keep your head and ears warm in the coldest of temperatures.

The classic "Elmer Fudd" Hunting Hat is a terrific blend of eye-catching fashion and cold weather function.

The Trooper /Trapper / Bomber style was a hat made popular by World War I flying aces. The perfect hat for those Fall and Winter months.

Both "Fudd" hats feature a "Buffalo Plaid" wool blend cap, satin quilted lining and plush faux fur lined dog ear style ear flaps that can be lowered to give your ears and cheeks protection when the snow falls and the icy winds blow.
Our exclusive brass ear/hear holes allow you to hear even when the ear flaps are lowered. And if it becomes really cold and windy, just drop the plush ear/hear flap to close the ear/hear hole for draft free warmth!

"...wow, that was fast! I know now why Mr. Fudd wore this hat while hunting "waskily wabbits". Thanks again. Steve C., St Augustine FL

"...I just received my Elmer Fudd hat and am very pleased with it. It looks to be very well made and will be very warm this winter. It's a pleasure finding something of quality nowdays. Thanks" Rod M., Rainier, WA

"Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. It makes all the difference!" Tracy H., Lakewood, OH

Elmer Fudd Hunting Hat - Lumberjack Hat - Red / Black Buffalo Plaid Check w/ Ear Flaps
"Elmer Fudd" Ear Flap Black And Red Wool Buffalo Plaid Hunting Hat / Cap
Small Thru XL

"Elmer Fudd" Hunting Hat / Cap XXL Double Extra Large 7 7/8 - 8

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Elmer Fudd Buffalo Plaid Trooper Hat / Trapper Cap / Bomber Hat With Ear Flaps
Elmer Fudd Trooper / Trapper / Bomber - Small Thru XL

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A Brief History Of The "Elmer Fudd" Hat

At the turn of the 20th century, American ingenuity and the need for cold weather comfort evolved into the now famous "dog eared" Winter hat made famous by lumberjacks and outdoor adventurers of the Great Northwest.
In legend and lore this Winter hat has graced the heads of legends like giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan and that wiley waskily wabbit hunting brute Elmer Fudd who wore it to good use while stalking his arch enemy Bugs Bunny in many Warner Brothers cartoons during the 40's, 50's and early 60's.
This classic ear-flap hunting and logging hat married to the classic red and black Buffalo plaid is just about as American as apple pie and iconic to the Manly Man as an axe or a pick-up truck.
Buffalo plaid (red and black being the most popular) was first pioneered around 1850, and is attributed either to Hudson’s Bay Company or the Woolrich Woolen Mills (the history is a bit fuzzy about this) and is said to have been named after the herd of buffalo owned by the plaid's designer. The pattern was popular during the Westward expansion, and thereafter embraced by the logging industry in the Great Lakes region.
The Buffalo Plaid pattern was manufactured into hats, hunting coats, flannel shirts and pants. When worn together as they often were at the time, the look was called the Pennsylvania Tuxedo.
And who'd have believed that the "Fudd" hat in classic Black and Red Buffalo Plaid with it's "dog ears" down would make a fashion statement on the hit TV comedy GLEE! Just check out the February 15, 2011 episode where plaid rules!

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