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2XL XXL, and 3XL XXXL Red Union Suit Long Johns Underwear -  Mens - Womens

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Men's And Women's Red Union Suits Size XXL And XXXL
XXL Chest 50-52. Waist 46-48. XXXL Chest 54-56. Waist 50-52

Men's And Women's Turn Of The Century Red Union Suits-from Wilderness Woolies XXL and XXXL Mens and Ladies Red Union Suit reinforced collerette double weight cuffs

Our made in America Adult Red Union Suits in XXL and XXXL are 100% American cotton rib knit in a Fall weight which will keep you warm, but will still comfortably fit under all clothing styles without added bulk.
These quality 100% cotton unions suits are not imported "T" shirt weight like the cheaper online union suits (or the "assembled in North America" union suits).

Whether hiking, hunting, shoveling snow, or camping, we want to keep you warm throughout the cold months - because warm campers are happy campers!

We're a small American clothing mill using 100% American cotton, American craftsmanship and pride.

  • The Original Red Union Suit Long John Underwear
  • 100% American Cotton - 100% Made In The U.S.A.
  • Full Length 9 Button Placket Front
  • Cold Weather Comfort Thermal
  • Rib Knit Double Weight Cuffs And Ankles
    Gives Great Wear, Seals In Body Heat
  • Reinforced Shoulder Seams For Long Wear,
    Extra Strength And Durability.
  • Wide Overlap 1 Button Vertical Seat Flap.
  • Red Union Suits Make Great Pajamas And Costumes.
  • Fall Weight Red Union Suit Comfortably Fits Under All Clothing Styles
  • Unisex Fits Both Men And Women (see sizing and ordering instructions)
  • Unisex. REMEMBER to allow for shrinkage after washing, MEN order one size larger than shirt size, LADIES order exact shirt size.

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    "...received my husbands XXXL red union suit yesterday, it fits him great! They're adorable and the rest of the family loves them and wants a pair for themselves!" Becky J., Valley Forge, PA

    "...were a gift for my son-in-law who is an avid hunter...he even modeled them for us!..." Pauline J., Colorado Springs, CO

    " husband does trail rides with his "cowboy" buddies and was in need of extra warmth... They were a perfect fit..." Pat C., Apple Valley, CA

    " husband is a big guy and he's always wanted a pair of red union suit long handles, appreciate the quick shipping. " Don G., Boulder, CO

    Union Suits were introduced in America in the 1860s. They were called Union Suits because the top and bottom were "united" into one piece. Introduced originally as a women's undergarment they soon became popular for both genders and all ages.

    Sometimes called Union Jacks in Great Britain or the nickname Long Johns which is rumored to stem from the a colorful Victorian bare knuckled prize fighter, John L. Sullivan. Big John became well known not only for his bare-knuckled style of fighting but also for his fighting apparel. His trademark was long underwear, aka the "Union Suit," which he wore every time he entered the ring.

    There's a reason they were worn historically by cowboys , farmers, trappers and gold prospectors, and that was draft free comfort and warmth.

    Your Union Suit will be shipped by USPS PRIORITY MAIL with 2-4 working days delivery within the Continental United States. If you chose the optional EXPRESS MAIL DELIVERY, your order will go out same day, or next day depending on the time of day your order was placed. We will be contacting you with the Post Office's tracking number and estimated delivery date and time.
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