Red Union Suit Long John Underwear - 2XL XXL Womens, Ladies, Mens

XXL and XXXL Mens and Ladies Red Union Suit reinforced collerette double weight cuffs

The original 100% cotton smooth rib-knit cotton red one piece Fall weight Union Suit Longjohns in hard to find XXL and XXXL sizes. ( Not "T" shirt weight like the cheaper online imports. )

XXL Chest 50-52. Waist 46-48. XXXL Chest 54-56. Waist 50-52

Our Union Suits are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Full length 9 button placket front. Cold weather comfort thermal. Long Sleeves. Reinforced collarette, rib knit double weight cuffs and ankles to for greater wear and to seal in body heat. Reinforced shoulder seams for longer wear, extra strength and durability. Wide overlap, (and very necessary) 1 button vertical seat flap. Great for pajamas, or under ski or hunting wear. Turn down the heat, and turn up the fun! Unisex. 100% cotton, to allow for shrinkage after washing and drying men should order one size larger than shirt size. (eg. if you wear a men's X large 46/48 order a XXL 2 extra large 50/52.) Ladies should order an exact size.

Unisex. REMEMBER to allow for shrinkage after washing, MEN order one size larger than shirt size, LADIES order exact shirt size.

2XL XXL, and 3XL XXXL Red Union Suit Long Johns Underwear - Mens - Womens

Men's And Women's Red Union Suits Size XXL And XXXL
XXL Chest 50-52. Waist 46-48. XXXL Chest 54-56. Waist 50-52

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A Brief History Of The Red Union Suit

hubba hubba hotsy totsy!

The dingy, seldom-washed, drop seat Union Suit you see worn by cowboys , farmers, trappers and gold prospectors in "B" westerns was one of the first products of the Industrial Revolution. When spinning machines and cotton gins began to produce cotton cloth in quantity, underwear became one of the first mass-produced garments in history.

Created in Utica, New York, United States, it originated as women's wear during the ninteenth century United States clothing reform efforts, as an alternative to constricting garments, and soon gained popularity among men as well. Never before had ordinary people been able to buy well-made underwear.

The breezy, two-piece homemade woolen drawers of the time, entirely unsuited to the strenuous outdoor life of the 1800's, were quickly replaced by the popular mass-produced "Union" suit--which joined together in a "Union" the two pieces of men's traditional underwear to create a durable one-piece undergarment.

Even though they were popularized during the American Civil War, they were not called "Union Suits" because they were popular with the Union Army. This time honored garment is worn today by Civil War reenactors fighting under both flags for clothing accuracy of the Civil War period.

Out West, and West of the Continental Divide during the fur trapping period of the early 1800's, the one piece longjohn was popular with rugged Mountain Men, Explorers and Trappers. Rendevous of over 500 Mountain Men along with thousands of Native Americans including the Shoshone, Crow, Nez Pierce, and Flat Head Nations took place from 1825-1840. These rendevous were a celebration of the rugged mountain life. James Beckwourth left this general description of the Mountain Man's summer rendezvous:

"It may well be supposed that the arrival of such a vast amount of luxuries from the East did not pass off without a general celebration. Mirth, song, dancing, shooting, trading, running, jumping, singing, racing, target-shooting, yarns, frolic, with all sort of extravagances that white men or Indians could invent were freely indulged in. The unpacking of the medicine water contributed not a little to the heightening of our festivities."

The one-piece Union Suit Longjohns were a luxury and necessity looked foward to acquiring during the Summer rendevous. The spirit of the Fur Trapper / Mountain Man lives on with Summer rendevous across the United States, reeanactors in full costume (including the Red Union Suit Longjohn) trade tales and merchandise, sing, dance and show their prowess with black powder muzzle loaders.

Montgomery Wards' 1895 catalog listed the price of a "Union Suit" as 10 cents, available in "natural wool color, gray, and the very popular red." Union suits were available in ankle or knee length, and buttoned down the front with the standard "drop seat" also known as the "access hatch", "firemen's flap" and other names, allowing the wearer to eliminate bodily waste without removing the garment.

It was not uncommon until the mid-1900's for rural men to wear the same "Union Suit" continuously all week, or even all Winter. Normally no other type of underwear was worn with it. One of the major events of the Spring was the time when the "Union Suits" were removed, washed, and put away for the Summer.

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