Plush Furry Bear Paw Slippers (with dangly claws ) Kids 3 yrs.-size 4, Adult size 5 - 9 1/2, Adult XL 10 - 17

Extra Large XL Bear Paw Claw Slippers

Extra Large XL Grizzly Bear Claw Slippers Homer


These super-sized slippers will fit a size 10 to 17 men's or women's shoe size. A pair of BEAR PAW slippers are just what the " Big Bear " in your life would love. Everything about these slippers is BIG. The non-slip paw pad is LARGER, the sole has more CUSHION, the claws are GRIZZLY SIZED. And best of all, they are Homer Simpson's favorite slipper!

XL BEAR PAW SLIPPERS sole measures 8" X 14". Now that's Extra Large!

XL BEAR PAW SLIPPERS ( with claws ) Extra Large XL MENS / WOMENS / TEENS

XL Paws $34.99

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Everything You Need To Know About Bear Paw Slippers

You'll be dancing too when you get your Bearpaw Slippers!

Humerous "character slippers have long been a part the chilly morning ritual.
Probably originating from hand knit stocking slippers and "sock monkey" animals made especially for babies and children, the addition of a humorous likeness based on "cute" animal heads and paws or trendy animated characters added fun and excitement to an otherwise utilitarian object.

Always popular and arguably the all time favorite "character" slipper is the "Bear Paw Slipper" .
The Bear Paw Slipper's popularity is probably a spinoff of America's love of "BEARS" in general, be they Black Bears, Grizzlys, Kodiaks, or Polar, and "Teddy Bears" in particular.
Having it's roots in American history, the name "Teddy" Bear comes from former United States President Theodore Roosevelt, whose nickname was "Teddy". The name originated from an incident on a bear-hunting trip in Mississippi in November 1902 in which the President refrained from killing a a bear after it had been run down by hounds, stating that the kill would be unsportsmanlike and that the bear should be spared. The incident sparked political cartoons which led to the production and collecting of plush "Teddy" Bears which are still are one of America's top collectibles.

In no small measure the "King Of Rock And Roll" Elvis Presley" re-ignited the "Teddy Bear" craze with his number one hit song "Teddy Bear" and it's lyrics "oh let me be your Teddy Bear" in 1957.

Today's Bear Paw Slippers are born of a natural clown shoes humor, the visual and actual warmth of plush faux fir, and the laugh-out-loud response to dangling plush bear claws, the Bear Paw Slipper continues to be a family favorite. Homer's Favorite Bear Paw Slippers

The Emmy Award winning animated television show "The Simpsons" and it's loveable leading character "Homer Simpson" further confirmed the universal appeal of Bear Paw Slippers when he wore them in two Simpsons' episodes. Episode [4F11] "Homer Phobia" and episode 1F05 "Barts Inner Child" where the Simpsons show up at the fair, Homer in his bath robe and bear slippers, Marge in pants and climbing shoes...

New this year, another American folk hero dons his Bear Paw Slippers for the good of all mankind! "Napoleon Dynamite" Direct from 2004's hit live action comedy, America's awseomely awkward teenager wears his paws on animated adventures with kooky friends and relatives. Catch him and his paws on FOX networks.

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